Generating energy from available biomass.

CO2-neutral. Decentralized. Sustainable.

CEO strategy

Energy supply for the future.

Steamergy technology enables the effective use of biomass, wind, sun and hydrogen with focus on local utilization as well as the holistic provision and optimization of energy production.

Ältere Hände geben einem Kind den kleinen Planeten Erde
"Over the last 15 years, we achieved technological milestones that enable us to declare independence from fossil fuels by the end of this decade. As a result, we are contributing significantly to a sustainable future for upcoming generations."
Ein Portrait vom Geschäftsführer Robert Duschl.
Robert Duschl
Managing Director

Steamergy as a solution: Economical. Sustainable. Fair.

The most advanced decentralized technology for energy generation.

Industriegebäude und im Hintegrund ist ein Sonnenuntergang zu sehen.

For major industries

Steamergy offers large-scale industries a CO2-neutral source of energy from the sun and biogenic solid fuels.

Eine große Siedlung von oben zu sehen.

For communities

Supplying residential areas with low-cost heat by utilizing local biogenic waste materials. Additional electricity generated is used for municipal purposes.

Auf dem Bild ist eine große Holzindustrie zu sehen

For companies

Self-sufficiency through the use of sustainable energy sources, in particular the utilization of biogenic resources.

our technology

Energy generation of the future.


The combustion of biogenic residues and the direct coupling of solar energy generate high-pressure steam, which produces electricity using the innovative Steamergy high-pressure steam engine.


Combustion and the direct coupling of solar energy generate high-pressure steam that can be fed into the heating system.


Steamergy technology enables the efficient production of base-load-capable hydrogen.

Steamergy process chain.
Oranger Haken.


The goal of climate neutrality by 2045 challenges all sectors equally. Steamergy offers an efficient and sustainable overall solution.

Oranger Haken.


High overall efficiencies make Steamergy a worthwhile investment - both for the individual operator and the economy as a whole.

Oranger Haken.


Steamergy reliably ensures the supply of electricity, heat and hydrogen in line with demand, even at times when neither wind nor sun are available.

we benefit from experience

Together with our customers and partners, we have already successfully implemented over 14 projects in more than 5 countries.

Benefit today from our future-oriented technology and make a contribution to our environment.

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