Co2-neutral energy generation

Steamergy offers the most innovative total solution for energy generation – specially tailored and optimized for a wide range of biogenic fuelsand the highest customer requirements.


Our technology

The Steamergy heating and power system is the most economical, CO2-neutral and base load-capable power plant in the electricity, heating and cooling supply sector.

From a technological point of view, our products play a pioneering role worldwide in terms of efficiency and reliability, setting completely new standards in technology.

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Process chain

How does Steamergy work?

Steamergy process chain.
  1. Biogenic resources such as wood chips, green waste or other locally available fuels are used to supply the Steamergy combined heat and power plant with energy.

  2.  These resources are burned using a parabolic trough in the biomass boiler with automatic fuel feed, whereby the CO2 is released again.

  3.  The combination of Steamergy Liquid Salt Technology (high-pressure steam generator) and the Steamergy high-pressure steam engine forms the basis for unique efficiency and reliability in decentralized biomass power generation.

  4.  This process ensures a stable supply of electricity, heat and hydrogen for our customers.

Technical details

How efficient is Steamergy?

Technical detailsSteamergy
Electrical efficiency20% – 30%
P thermal350 – 15.000 kW
P electrical125 – 5.000 kW
Hot water50 – 110°C
Overall efficiency> 85%
Measures20 x 25 x 8.5 meters (depending on layout)
Weight> 50,000 kg (depending on layout)
Electrical supply connection400V, 50Hz, 63A
Primary water content150 – 1,000 liters
Max. operating temperature550°C
Max. operating pressure130 bar
Flow / Return4 – 10 inch
Operating resources firingWood chips, any biogenic residues
Oil volume300 liters


Comparison of CHP systems with biomass

Renewable Energy SourcesSteamergyWood Gasifier
ORC systemsSteam turbines
Power range (kWel.)
per module
125 – 5.00010 – 1.000400 – 10.000> 10.000
Overall efficiency> 85%> 70%> 80%> 80%
Electrical efficiency20% – 30%> 20%12% – 17%20%
Process steamYesNoNoLimited
ModulabilityHighNot givenLimitedLow
Fuel costsLowHighLowLow
Flexibility of power & heat productionHighNot givenLimitedLimited
Maintenance effortLowVery highAverageHigh


Advantages that are convincing.

Whether large industries, municipalities or medium-sized companies: The Steamergy technology
has already proven itself in many areas of application. Each of them has its own unique requirements profile. But they all have one thing in common: they all benefit from it.


Secure and available Co2-neutral energy supply with forest residues, wood chips, green waste and other biogenic solid fuels.


Use of locally available fuels as well as individually scalable heat and power requirements that can be flexibly
adapted to all needs.


Generating energy from direct sunlight and renewable raw materials is the most efficient and resource-saving way of producing energy.


We offer an economical overall solution for sustainable energy projects, both in terms
of resource consumption and maintenance costs.

operationally safe

The Steamergy technology is CE, ISO
and TüV approved.


The closed media circuits (water and oil) are constantly regenerated so there is no need for replenishment.

eco-friendly. fair.

Steamergy acts as an indispensable element in the global energy transition by ensuring a CO2-neutral, resource-independent, time-independent and weather-independent energy source.