New tenant at Volkswerft Park: Steamergy builds power plant of the future

09/27/2022, Stralsund – From October, the fifth tenant will move into a hall area with open space and storage as well as office space on the site of the Volkswerft Maritime Industrial and Commercial Park.
The contract was signed this week in the town hall in the presence of Lord Mayor Alexander Badrow and the heads of office responsible for the shipyard site, Dr. Sonja Gelinek, Dr. Frank Bertold Raith and Peter Fürst.

Steamergy Stralsund GmbH with its managing directors Robert Duschl and André Flemming is active in the field of mechanical engineering and drive and engine technology (development and manufacture of sustainable energy generation systems). The Stralsund site focuses in particular on the development and production of alternative propulsion systems for ships. To this end, the GmbH was founded as a subsidiary of Steamergy GmbH & Co. KG from Deggendorf.

“Stralsund is an ideal addition for us,” says Managing Director Robert Duschl. “Here we have the space we need and the expertise we need to build up the marine propulsion division.” “This is exactly the direction we are pursuing,” says Lord Mayor Alexander Badrow. “The expansion of alternative forms of energy is more urgent than ever. This is demonstrated by the developments of recent months, which do not stop at our doorstep,” he adds.

With Steamergy Stralsund GmbH, five tenants are now represented on the site of the Maritime Industrial and Commercial Park. The others are Ostseestaal, Fosen Yard, German Sustainables and Stralsund Seaport.

Managing Director André Flemming comments on the establishment in Stralsund: “The new location in Stralsund is intended to rapidly increase production capacities for the components of climate-neutral steam power plants. Steamergy Stralsund GmbH will also use the Steamergy technology to develop affordable, climate-neutral ship propulsion systems. The basis of the technology has been known for a long time. Steam is used to generate heat and electricity. Steamergy has succeeded in using high-pressure steam technology to develop modern power plants with an overall efficiency of up to 95%. This makes it possible to replace natural gas in a decentralized and CO2-neutral way with the same process stability and efficiency.

This is made possible by a new patent-pending steam generator with liquid salt technology and a state-of-the-art V8 steam engine with electronic and fully sequential injection. This makes the base load-capable, climate-neutral Steamergy high-tech power plant the most economical power plant in the decentralized supply of electricity, heat and cooling. The decisive factor here is the fact that energy costs are as low as they were from natural gas before the energy crisis. Waste and residual materials from forestry and agriculture are primarily used to generate energy.

Steamergy will also use the shipbuilding expertise from Stralsund to bring this technology to the ships. Talks are currently underway with potential employees. In particular, TIG welders and construction mechanics are being sought for production. Production is scheduled to start this year.

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Steamergy acts as an indispensable element in the global energy transition by ensuring a CO2-neutral, resource-independent,
time-independent and weather-independent energy source.