Lanz visits Steamergy power plant in Bavaria

10/06/2022, Deggendorf – The private steam cogeneration plant “Steamergy” in Deggendorf (Lower Bavaria) is considered to be one of the most modern steam cogeneration plants in the world and is therefore also supported with considerable contributions from the Bavarian state government. SVP Member of Parliament Gert Lanz had the opportunity to visit the company together with several experts from the energy sector and was able to obtain valuable information on this type of energy generation. His conclusion: “We must be open to new ideas and we must be prepared to further develop existing concepts – this is the only way we can achieve a sustainable energy transition”.

Gert Lanz is impressed by the Deggendorf steam power plant, which is similar in functionality to a coal-fired power plant. Steam and ultimately electricity are generated from the combustion heat of the wood fuel. Lanz describes the steam cogeneration plant as a showcase model and a good example of the use of renewable energies.

Michael Bergmeister from the Bergmeister office in Vahrn says: “This technology now also makes it possible to produce electricity and heat from wood in the lower output range. This could be a huge change for the more than 80 heating plants in South Tyrol. This could secure the future of South Tyrolean families and businesses in the energy sector with affordable, regional, alternative and environmentally friendly energy. Gert Lanz emphasizes: “South Tyrol has potential here and offers many interesting opportunities. Of course, we can only move within our scope of action, but we should make use of it when it comes to achieving greater efficiency.” To do this, it is necessary to invest in new technologies now and at the same time to increase and further develop existing ones.

Lanz describes the generous support package put together by the province of South Tyrol as important and correct. Thousands of South Tyrolean families will receive valuable help and further support measures are being worked on. In addition, however, necessary investments in district heating plants, wind power and the like should now also be considered and planned. “The current energy crisis has initiated an energy transition that we should now address with concrete measures. Of course, these must be well thought out and sophisticated in order to comply with the principle of sustainability. The aim is to achieve a secure energy supply that is as independent as possible. South Tyrol has the possibilities and these must now be exploited,” emphasizes Lanz.

reliable. eco-friendly. fair.

Steamergy acts as an indispensable element in the global energy transition by ensuring a CO2-neutral, resource-independent,
time-independent and weather-independent energy source.